Welcome to Down & Out: The Magazine. We’re trying to do something a bit different in the world of crime fiction digest magazines and we hope you’ll give us a shot to prove ourselves now and in the future.

Eric Campbell, publisher of Down & Out Books, and I sat down in the lobby of the Bouchercon hotel in New Orleans in the fall of 2016 and I told him that I thought he should put out a magazine. A well-known digest crime mag had just shut down and I told him I thought there was a niche out there, not by doing the same old thing, but by doing a few different things here and there…

And Eric looked at me and said, “Funny you should say that.” Eric had already been considering starting a magazine and when I told him that I though Down & Out Books had enough of a presence and such a strong identity among writers in the genre, our talks got serious.

So here we are. The first issue will debut in June 2017 headlined by an all-new story by Reed Farrel Coleman featuring his beloved PI character, Moe Prager. In fact, all of the stories in the issue will be by authors you should be familiar with, and all of them will feature their own series’ characters. We’re not quite ready to release the final table of contents but stay tuned. Well, I’ll drop one more name: Terrence McCauley will bring us a new short in his “University” series, hot on the heels of his last one, the award-nominated “El Cambaleche.”

Each issue of Down & Out: The Magazine will headline one of today’s bestselling writers giving us a new story featuring one (or more) of their series’ characters. That’s one difference we hope to be able to continue for a long, long while. We’ll also have a non-fiction column by none other than former Kirkus Reviews writer J. Kingston Pierce and a story by an older writer, one of the pioneers of the genre. What happened when Hammett and Chandler moved on to novels and Hollywood? The pulps didn’t stop, the paperback original era still happened—who filled their shoes? We’re going to show you, each issue, with classic stories and notes placing the authors in their historical context. In addition to entertainment, you’ll see some of the paving stones of how crime fiction got to where it is today.

Each issue will be available in print form (of course) as well as digitally, and subscriptions will be offered that will allow you to sit back and receive each issue before anyone else, mailed in sturdy cardboard mailers so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of every issue.

Get excited, get ready, get subscribed! If you have any suggestions or feedback, by all means let me know at rick@downandoutmagazine.com.


Rick Ollerman
Editor, Down & Out: The Magazine